Friday, March 23, 2007

What Im Working on now

Cedar Bowl When we were kids we played in a row of cedars my grandpa planted . Something in my memory kept reminding me of the colors. The evergreen and blue green berry's ..I finally figured it out about halfway through .

I have spent allot of time on this project.. learning the fringe took a few inches but after that I got into a rhythm ..
I was almost finished when I ran out of beads Again ! I have about one inch to go ..

The shop I use have them order so Ill just have to wait ..
I always wanted to use these blue green and purple mix of beads they are very cool .. and set with the shiny green rainbow seed beads they pop like crazy.. a happy accident on my part.. I was I was not sure when started beading but it is one of my very favorite projects Ive done now ..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Steve Irwin Project

A Group Of Crafters On Craftster Got Together And Made Quilt Blocks For Three Quilts To Be Given To The Family Of Steve Irwin These Are Two Of The Four That I Made There Are Two More That My Friends Made To Send I did Not Have Time To Take Pictures But They Are Really Beautiful .. Ill Be Posting Them Soon ..